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We’re mining data that’s trusted by over 100+ recruitment & sales professionals

When you need a reliable compliant database of professional contacts, GSourcers provides the widest data coverage with highest accuracy for you in Africa and the Middle East.

We locate people’s publicly available information through data mining, then we process it to produce a professional profile of the person for companies in search of such data for recruitment and business purposes. So this makes GSourcers the best sales people search site for the African and Middle East talent market. GSourcers is a great choice for businesses, offering effective and straightforward searches. Start out with a free trial and find any sales professional’s career profile.

Our data covers most industries

Everything you need to source for the right prospects & candidates

  • We provide over 150M personal email addresses for you to reach out directly to key decision-makers & your top candidates.
  • Keep your network up-to-date with GSourcers’ accurate work email addresses to send your prospects sales outreach email campaigns.
  • With over 100+ direct dials for B2B decision makers & top candidates, you can call your prospects with speed & confidence.
  • Reach out to over 250 million professional profiles by their personal contact information — that’s about 75% of people found on Linkedin.
  • With over 30 million company profiles, find & connect with your future customers across most industries without delays.

Data attributes

Find your ideal prospects with precision

Search for both people and company by skills, name, location, job titles, industries, and across other 20+ data attributes to prospect faster & more efficiently.

Data quality

How we source our data

At GSourcers, we source, store and refresh our data firsthand. So rest assured that you will receive the most accurate contact information of decision-makers & candidates that you cannot find elsewhere.

We scan the entire internet for emails and phone numbers. Our servers crawl billions of webpages daily. We use Artificial Intelligence to match contact information with each person. Emails and phone numbers are triple verified with 99% confidence.

Trusted by 400K users from 76% of Fortune 500 companies

Find anyone, anywhere in the MEA countries with GSourcers today

Making remote or global hires? Connecting with key decision-makers? We can help.

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