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How did we get your details? 

GSourcers specialises in internet talent data mining for the African talent market. We seek to promote opportunities between professionals and companies across the African markets. We do this by spending sleepless hours researching the internet public domain of the world wide web to scan the entire internet for people’s profiles, bios, emails and phone numbers.

Our powerful servers also crawl billions of webpages daily to build a database of professionals in Africa and the Middle East to create a channel of opportunities for Africans and Middle East markets. We then match each piece of information to the right person to make a professional presentation of them across all hiring and business industries and countries in the African continent.

From its inception 2006, and after it restructured in 2016, the company was operating as a talent data research agency for leading multinationals recruiting in the EMEA markets, and has just been restructured to providing a sales people search engine to hiring companies.

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