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We take personal information very confidential

GSourcers is made up of data miners who spend their time sourcing, storing and updating our data firsthand. They scan the entire internet for profiles, emails and phone numbers, mainly hundreds of webpages daily.

We used to manually develop and sell custom talent lists to several large and medium sized companies globally. So rest assured that you will engage a great network of sales and recruiting professionals, as well as decision-makers & candidates that you cannot find elsewhere.

We offer data that’s highly trusted by over 40 thousands recruitment & sales professionals. When you need a reliable compliant database of sales and recruiting professionals, GSourcers provides the widest data coverage with highest accuracy for you. We have the most accurate data ever because are:

Check CirclePOPI CompliantCheck CircleGDPR Aligned

We offer you everything you need to source for the right prospects & candidates.


We have an extensive set of security measures in place that extend beyond the legal requirements. Emails and phone numbers are triple verified with 99% confidence. It’s both our duty and our commitment to do everything we can to safeguard data. We’re responsible for safeguarding your data. We use a host of sophisticated technologies in combination with comprehensive safeguards to ensure we fulfil this commitment: Meticulous checks on our systems and regular exchange – both nationally and internationally Cooperations with strong partners

Our IT Security team reviews our software on an ongoing basis and advises the company on all security-related matters. We also have reputable external experts perform regular audits. These in-depth inspections include all of our products, applications and internal systems.


We understand that making personal data available is essential if you want to get the most out of the services GSourcers has to offer. Nevertheless, it’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to focus on maximising your presence or keeping the amount of information you disclose to a minimum.

information you’d like to show profile visitors?

When you create a profile on GSourcers, we require a few details from you, such as your name, job title and other basic information. This information then forms the basis of your professional network and is always visible to other users.

You then have the option of adding other information to present yourself as clearly and professionally as possible on GSourcers. You get to choose what you share with your network, and what profile visitors will see first: Present your CV and skills first if you think they’re most important. Alternatively you can showcase some of your previous work and achievements by displaying your portfolio first.

non-members CANNOT view your profile

GSourcers is primarily a private platform for registered members only. That said, visitors who are not (yet) members cannot search for people and information on GSourcers. We are working hard to your settings let you decide whether you want non-members to be able to find your public profile, in turn increasing your chances of being contacted by potential opportunities outside of GSourcers.

Who can send you messages?

Networking is all about communication, and a key part of this involves exchanging messages with other members. Your profile settings let you decide the extent to which you can be reached, and who you want to be able to contact you. If you’re open to receiving new contact requests and job enquiries, you should think twice before restricting this option on GSourcers. Nevertheless, you can use your settings to focus on correspondence with your trusted contacts if your prefer.

To learn more about the security measures we have in place and how you can tailor your privacy settings to suit your preferences, click here to go our privacy policy section

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