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What is GDPR?

GSourcers is a platform used by Africans and Middle East and African professionals irrespective of where they are in the world. GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ), which is a European Union law applicable from May 25, 2018 binds both residents in the EU and GSourcers. According to this new regulation visitors in our site, who live in the European Union countries should be informed of how their personal data is collected, used and shared in our site.

GSourcers provides forms and a system that is GDPR compliant in all its privacy policy.

We provide forms like register form that are GDPR compliant thanks to our checkbox field ‘Privacy Policy’. GSourcers also provides its members with a policy guide line with information of what personal data GSourcers collects in our policy content.

To be more compliant and allow our members to feel free, safe and secure, we allow users to delete their account from GSourcers.

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